Sekt - Sparkling Wine

The Fitz family founded the first “Champagne“ Production in the Palatinate (second in all of Germany) in 1837. Johannes Fitz had imported the necessary know-how from the Champagne region of France which had been his exile home following his activity for the German Democracy movement at the Hambach Festival in 1832.

Premium Sekt

Our finest Sparkling Wines (Sekt) are fermented in the bottle in accordance with old, traditional methods and are decorated with antique labels from 1840. Back then the “Dürkheim Champagne Factory”, as it was called, began with a cellar master from the Champagne region in France.

Sekt with democratic roots

Five years later the first „Palatine Champagne“ emerged from the Bad Dürkheim estate and it was not long before German Sparkling Wine had found its place in the scene. Today, as it was then, the Sektkellerei Fitz still produces “Sekt” from Burgundy and Riesling wines using the traditional method of bottle fermentation.

Sekt b.A. Pfalz

SEKT from specific growing regions within the PALATINATE

In following of a long tradition, this Sekt is made only from carefully selected Palatine Wines.

German „Champagne"

Advertising from 1845


Fresh and fruity sparkling wines


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