one O one club - live music sessions with ian fullwood

Samstag,  26. Januar 2019

Einlass ab 20 Uhr

Eintritt: 20 € im Vorverkauf, 25 € an der Abendkasse

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oneOone club - live music sessions with ian fullwood - limited 101 guests

Unser jahrhundertealter Kreuzgewölbesaal verwandelt sich in eine exklusive Londoner Club-Lounge. Erwarten Sie einen eindrucksvollen Abend mit Ian’s „Music on another Level“ – eine Live-Music-Reise von Jazz über Soul bis Clubbeats mit lokalen und internationalen Special Guests.

J.V.F and the Renegadesand special guests

Title for this coming event: "Hold on to your hats cos Blair Mackichan is in town"

Blair Mackichan... song writer/producer/entertainer

He will be performing with Ian Fullwood an evening of original London vibe sounds, supported by Jan von Vollholz and the Renegades.


Blair Mackichan... Keys and Vocals (melodica)

Ian Fullwood... Host/ Saxophones/Vocals/Beats and Samples

Jim Kahr... Guitar and Vocals

Noreda Graves... Vocals

Stefan Kahne... Guitar/Bass/ Vocals

Konrad Henkellüdecke... Drums and Beats

Siggy Simon Koeb... Bass and Dubs

Adrian Zalten... Piano and Keys

The oneOone club  is resticted to 101 tickets and provides a big city vibe in a lounge enviroment, where the band plays on the floor to create a one on one closeness to the audience.

An electric stage and accoustic room (piano sponsered and delivered by Musik- und Pianohaus Ehret GmbH) enhances the journey of musical styles, where the artists can create and entertain.

Blair Mackichan is a successful and accomplished song writer

(check above website! More info  and photos can be provided)

Ian and Blair have been friends for the last 15 years and have collaborated on many writing projects, some of which will be performed on the 26th of January.

Blair is not only  an accomplished writer and producer but an incredible live performer and should not be missed.

„Blair is one of my biggest musical influences.“ (Ian)

Ian and Adrian Zalten have arranged that Blair will be here in Germany for one week. They will be performing various gigs and writing sessions and a workshop in Popakademie Mannheim. 

Set in the oneOone lounge with electric and acoustic rooms 

-> Zeitungsartikel in DIE RHEINPFALZ über Ian Fullwood und oneOone club



Musician / Composer / Producer / Diplom Gardener / Cook aus Sheffield, UK. Living for the last four years in Bad Dürkheim. Cofounder of „The Wright Thing“. Has played with Artists such as Rick Astley, James Hunter, Xavier Naidoo, Max Mutzke, Helmut Zellet, Aura Dione, The Specials, De Phazz.




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